Work packages

To facilitate independent development straints, the Moregrasp project is divided into eight different workpackages which include all aspects of scientific and application oriented work, management and plannings for industrial take-up. Each work package is characterized by several deliverables, where key tasks and their know how are described in detail.

Work Package 1: Management & Project Coordination (LEAD: TU-Graz)

  • Deliverable 1.1: Activity and Management report (M18) - submitted

Work Package 2: Multimodal Brain-Computer Interface Design (LEAD: TU-Graz)

  • Deliverable 2.1: SMR-based BCI-training protocol (M6) - submitted
    • A protocol will be developed to train users to reach optimal performance.
  • Deliverable 2.2: SMR-based BCI (M12) - submitted
    • The BCI system using brain oscillations for classification.
  • Deliverable  2.3: Movement direction decoder (M18)  - submitted
    • The BCI system detecting imagined movement directions of body parts.
  • Deliverable  2.4: Speech recognition system (M18) - submitted
    • The system detecting speech commands.
  • Deliverable  2.5: Artefact detector (M20) - submitted
    • Algorithms which detect artefacts to enhance the reliability of the BCI.
  • D2.6: Error handling and emergency stop (M24) - submitted
    • Algorithms to detect wrong movements and provide fast and reliable stop commands.
  • D2.7: Algorithm for EEG electrode position and signal personalization (M24) - submitted
    • A standardized procedure how to individualize the electrode positions.

Work package 3: Neuroprosthesis Design (LEAD: UKL-Heidelberg)

  • Deliverable 3.1: Specifications for personalizable neuroprosthesis hardware concept (M6) - submitted
    • Specification sheet for hardware components of the personalizable neuroprosthesis
  • Deliverable 3.2: Prototype of sensorized hand and forearm sleeve with haptic feedback (M12) - submitted
    • Report on implementation of sensors and of hardware for providing feedback
  • Deliverable 3.3: Prototypes of stimulation electrode array sleeves for the MoreGrasp Evaluation Toolkit (M18) - submitted
    • Report on implementation and technical characteristics of stimulation array electrodes
  • Deliverable 3.5: Clinical algorithm for personalization of the MoreGrasp system (M24) - submitted
    Report on a clinical algorithm for adoption of the MoreGrasp system to the individual status and needs of end users

Work package 4: Adaptive, context and user specific user interface (LEAD: University of Glasgow)

  • Deliverable 4.1: Review of sensors and integrated displays for the interactive environments (M12) - submitted
    • Report on suitable sensing solutions and environment augmentations.
  • Deliverable 4.2: Multi-level control prototype (M12) - submitted
    • Initial prototype for control at multiple levels of abstraction – from fine-grained to high-level -- and shared control with environmental sensing.
  • Deliverable 4.3: Sensor/user modelling toolkit (M18) - submitted
    • User-specific modelling tools developed and tested with an initial set of sensor/environment conditions
  • Deliverable 4.5: Electrotactile and multimodal feedback (M24) - submitted
    Prototype developed with multimodal displays and sensing with electrotactile feedback integrated

Work package 5: User modelling and service design (LEAD: KNOW-Center, Graz)

  • Deliverable 5.1: User-centred service design: Requirements specification and non-functional mock-ups (M12) - submitted
    • Report on requirements specification and non-functional mock-ups.
  • Deliverable 5.4: Mobile evaluation toolkit I (M15)- submitted
    • First version of mobile app to be used to assess users in respect to suitability for the MoreGrasp program including results of formative evaluations.
  • Deliverable 5.6: Mobile training support toolkit I (M18)- submitted
    • First version of mobile app to be used to support training for and with neuroprosthesis including results of formative evaluations.

Work package 6: Prototype Integration (LEAD: BitBrain Technologies)

  • Deliverable 6.1: Document describing the dry-EEG concept and specifications (M9) - submitted
  • Deliverable 6.2: Functional prototypes of dry-EEG caps and software architecture of the brain-computer interface technology (M24) - submitted
    • The first prototype of the registration and matchmaking platform that enables users to register and get information about MoreGrasp.
  • Deliverable 6.3: Registration and Matchmaking Platform I (M12) - submitted

Work package 7: Evalutation (LEAD: UKL-Heidelberg)

  • Deliverable 7.1: Report on specific user requirements and feedback on initial prototypes (M12) - submitted
    • Report on analysis of the user surveys and the first development cycle of the MoreGrasp prototypes
  • Deliverable 7.2: Evaluation of risk factors I (M12)- submitted
    • First year report about the status of the project-related risk factors

Work package 8: Dissemination, exploitation and industrial take up (LEAD: Medel)

  • Deliverable 8.1: Gating thresholds defined (M3) - submitted
    • Defines the gates for the innovation management plan.
  • Deliverable 8.2: Research data management plan I (M6) - submitted
  • Deliverable 8.3: Dissemination, innovation, and IPR report I (M12) - submitted
    • Contains a report about dissemination activities, IPR management, state in the innovation process.
  • Deliverable 8.4: Research data management plan II (M20) - submitted